A Solution Waiting to Happen!


Tired of losing your eyeglasses? Until recently there were two options available in eyeglass accessories--the "Croakie" type, attaching to the temples and resting behind the ears and some kind of chain or holder that goes around the neck. The former were best for sports; the latter for holding an extra pair of glasses or reading glasses and for those people who found behind-the-ear-holders annoying.

I was unable to find an around-the-neck-holder that did not look boring or flashy—something unisex, something high-tech. So, I designed one myself out of rubber tubing, stainless steel bicycle links, rubber o-rings, magnets, and beads from the fabulous bead district on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. It worked, looked cool, and it did the job. It also had a bonus—unlike metal rings and holders, the rubber kept the glasses from slipping, bouncing, and clanging. And, the rubber made it sweat-resistant.

After dozens of people asked me where I found that eyeglass thing and my wife started wearing one as jewelry, I decided to make a few more for friends. I soon found myself in business with 50 factory workers and two line supervisors (only kidding--it's just me and one assistant.)

I keep finding new and old beads and industrial components and am currently showing 22 different TechLoops®. The loops are made with the best available professional racing bike links and genuine rubber cord. New designs will become available from time to time.

Some are a little more high-tech in appearance and some are a little more jewelry like. They're perfect for all dress as well as outdoor activities and make great gifts.

TechLoops® are all guaranteed against defects. If there's a problem that an email inquiry can't solve, return it at your expense and I'll repair or replace it and return it to you at my expense.



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